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I Have Never Related To A Fan More Than This Poor Wizards Fan Who Lost His Shit After They Blew A 35 Point Lead

Stephen Gosling. Getty Images.

We had ourselves quite the night of blowouts last night in the NBA. The Celts won by 53, the Warriors won by 38, the Spurs won by 30, and there was a time when the Washington Wizards found themselves up 35 points against the Clippers. Surely a lead like that would be safe against a team missing both Kawhi and Paul George.

Oh, it wasn't?


Yeah, that was insane. Even if a comeback like this has been a trend for the Clippers as of late, it was still the 2nd largest comeback in NBA history. The point is, 35 point comebacks are about as rare as it gets. With that you can imagine comes the opposing fan reactions. We had ourselves an A+ real time reaction from this poor Wizards fan

This poor guy. Even though I sneaky needed the Wizards to lose this game last night, I can't help but feel compassion for him. If anyone knows what this man went through last night and the feelings he had both in that moment and for sure the rest of his night, it's Celtics fans. We know this feeling all too well because nobody knows the pain of losing in prayer fashion on a bullshit three like we do. It's essentially their specialty. You can pick your poison really. How about a three to lose a playoff game with 0.6 seconds left?


Now I know what you're thinking. The Celtics didn't blow a massive lead in that game, so it's not the same. Fine, if you want to get specific like that, may I introduce you to the next example

In this game from 20 days ago, the Celtics had a 25 point lead over the Knicks. A lead that seemed safe at the time even for a team that literally can't hold onto leads. RJ Barrett had pretty much missed every shot he took in that game. Didn't matter. 

Every single Celtics fan that has lived through those moments had the exact same reaction/feeling that this poor Wizards fan. Nothing makes sense, you aren't even totally sure of what you just witnessed, and you feel that pain with every fiber of your being. It's what you see when you close your eyes, it's what you see when you turn on the TV or go on the internet, honestly it's a brutal way to live. I would not recommend it to anyone. Well, that's not true, Lakers fans can go through this. I don't care about them, that's a given.

Watching this man process things in real time was like was looking in the mirror. He went through every stage possible in about 2 seconds. There's nothing worse than that as a fan. Your brain is so scrambled you can't even form coherent sentences. The shock is overwhelming at that moment you have what can only be described as an out of body experience. Something that didn't seem possible is now your reality. It can really mess you up.

So even though I've never met @yourpapiRey, I feel for him. I'd also like to invite him to our support group for this kind of thing. We meet every Thursday and have a wide variety of snacks. I've learned that nothing helps you get through these types of moments better than sharing your pain with those who have gone through the exact same thing. He's welcome to join us whenever he wants.