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This Is How Every Fight Should End

This to me is the epitome of a healthy society. Two people have a disagreement about god knows what on a subway station. They can't resolve it or don't want to. It gets out of control and these two guys square up, trade a couple of swings, one guy goes flying off the platform and onto the tracks and who saves him? His enemy in the moment. As a coworker and friend of mine might say...somethings...

This was beautiful. No sucker punches thrown. Nobody got hurt. There are times when people are being such unbelievable assholes that there is only one place left to go and unfortunately sometimes that is violence. I am not a violent person, but to say that violence is NEVER appropriate or needed is not accurate in my opinion. I don't know if violence was necessary in this particular circumstance, but I respect the way these guys handled their business. It had the vibe of a hockey fight. They effectively agreed to the fight, but when it was over it was over and these two could take a step towards peace with a helping hand to save a life. No lethal force. No hospital visits. It was about respect. It was always about respect, as another coworker would say.