Church Pastor Charged After Getaway Driving For Son's Ding Dong DitchToks

A metro church leader is charged with criminal mischief after allegedly driving his son and his son's friends around Des Moines as they pounded down people’s front doors.

Pastor Timothy Rude was the founder of the Walnut Creek Church in Windsor back in 1987. Now, he's charged in a series of bizarre crimes

Naturally, it (allegedly) all revolves around a Ke$ha-themed TikTok challenge as shown below:


“It was about 10:30 at night. We were watching TV and suddenly heard a kicking and a bang on our door,” Craig Hurd of Des Moines said.

Hurd and his wife got the scare of their lives last month. A group of kids kicked in their front screen door, broke the glass and damaged the wood entry door. Later, they returned to the house and threw rocks at the window. The Hurds chased down the getaway car and got the plate number. That led police to Timothy Rude, Pastor Emeritus at Walnut Creek Church. He's now charged with several counts of criminal mischief.

“It sounds like it's connected to some ridiculous TikTok challenge and he was actually driving his kid and some other kids around as they did this,” Des Moines Police Sgt. Parizek said.

The TikTok videos show kids kicking doors to match the music of the Kesha song “Die Young.” It's called the "heartbeat challenge."

In the end, over the course of four nights the pastor drove his kid & their pals around town TWENTY FOUR TIMES to kick in people's doors as they racked up thousands of dollars in damage. In the news videos one family shows their glass door completely shattered with dents & dings on their main door.

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I don't have too much to say about this I guess, but uh :: clears throat, taps microphone :: …

Boy, reading the details of this story was like a book of… Revelations.

Wow, how about that? Pastor Rude? More like Pastor HOW RUDE, amiright? 

What do you call it when a pastor's kid knocks on your door but isn't there when you answer? A HOLY GHOSTing. 

Jesus, take the wheel from this man! 

They were on a crusade… to go viral.

Want to get closer to God? Play ding, dong, ditch in a big gun state ha ha Pew, pew, pews aren't just seats in a church over there, folks ha ha

Father, son, hollllly poor decisions, Batman! 

Only God (and the circuit court of Des Moines County) can judge them.

Our Father, who art in the car waiting for us to finish filming a Ke$ha TikTok, hallowed be thy brakes.

Sunday service >>> Community service

Praying for your neighbors >>> Preying on your neighbors  

Bible thumping >>> Door thumping

Testament >>> Testimony 

Pontius Pilate >>> Honda Pilot (full of mischievous teens)

Oh yikes, these Christians are getting persecuted, ah, pardon me, prosecuted.

They really CROSSed the line.

They need to ALTAR their behavior.

Good thing they know a carpenter who could work miracles on those broken doors.

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