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Travis Kelce Basically Called The Two Plays That Got The Chiefs Into Field Goal Range In The Final 13 Seconds Of Regulation Vs. The Bills

I know every football player on Travis Kelce's level could probably see how the Bills defense had been lining up against the Chiefs at the end and knew of two plays to two of the best players in the sport that could work if everything went right. But it's still wild to see a player casually nail both play calls with their entire season on the line and having to go half the field in 13 seconds flat along with him having a shared brain with the best QB on the planet as Big T blogged earlier.

Brian Daboll may be the hot name on the market with Josh Allen turning into a bona fide stud under his watch and Eric Bieniemy has been the offensive coordinator of the Chiefs for years. Despite all that and his lack of experience in the big chair or any chair outside of a locker room chair, I'm interviewing Travis Kelce for my team's head coaching job tomorrow if I'm the Giants after seeing that video by the always wonderful NFL Films. That's the exact kind of guy you need making the biggest calls during the biggest of moments instead of our last three head coaches who couldn't even figure out how to use timeouts at the end of games.

Plus the Giants could also use a tight end and I feel like there is probably some gray area about hiring a player that is under contract to become coach then using him as a player coach. I feel like there would probably be some push back by the Chiefs since Kelce is an All-Pro tight end under contract for a bunch of years for a bunch of money. But if Goodell wants the NFL's biggest team in its biggest market to lift itself out of the swampy football hell that its been in for years, he'll turn a blind eye to this like he usually does to most of the shady issues that benefit the league and allow everything to go off without a hitch.