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Jaguars Hire Former Jaguars 1st-Round Pick Byron Leftwich As Their New Head Coach

Dilla is more plugged in than any national media person for the Jaguars. It’s done.

Well, this is exciting. I’m not sure how it’ll go and no one else is either but this is a great step for Jacksonville. After the Urban Meyer embarrassment, Duval needed an actual grown up and palate cleanser. They get both with Byron. The Jaguars entered the off-season with a glaring hole. They needed someone who has the respect of NFL coaches, scouts, players, and front office people. Byron Leftwich is that dude. He’s been an up-and-comer in the coaching ranks for a while and the reunion with Jacksonville has the making of a fairy tale.

I know the knock on Byron is that Tom Brady was his QB when he had the most success but he also led Winston to a 5k+ passing season. He’s been the play caller under Arians and, from most accounts, Byron controlled the offensive meetings completely. As head coach in Jacksonville, I can’t imagine he’d do that but it’s time having someone who could after urban Meyer.

With the coach identified, we gotta see what happens with the GM but, baby, the Jaguars are back. We got Trevor, the number one pick again, the most cap space and a coach that players will want to come play for. Honestly, it’s a better spot than I thought we’d be in just two months ago. Let’s hope it works out.

If it does, I will cum. Make no mistake about that. I will come.