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Chris Mack Is OUTTA THERE, So It's Time To Revisit His Highlights At Louisville

Ah, well, that's a shame. Chris Mack was expected to be the safe hire at Louisville. He was supposed to be the one to keep them relevant and win a bunch. Instead, uh, well, all he did was have a bunch of controversies and now is 'separated'. I love when teams and people use terms like that. Nah dude, you were let go. There's always weird terms because of contract reasons, but it's the sports version of 'it's not you, it's me.' 

Facts are this team and Chris Mack quit on each other. The players stopped wanting to play for him. Mack stopped wanting to coach. You can see it every game with the attitude. They didn't really hide it. They all had enough. What's the point of getting rid of him now? Well, that reason. You try to keep some players around and hope you don't lose a ton of transfers. But it also gives you a head start to find a new coach. We already know Maryland is open, there's going to be a good amount of major programs open. 

But there were plenty of highlights for Mack and Louisville. It would be rude of me to ignore that. Who could forget these: 

Suspended 6 games because Dino Gaudio tried to extort him

Apologizing to Coach Cal after the weirdest video was 'leaked' 

Pissing off Buster Olney

And now the mid-season separation. There are a ton of names out there for Louisville. I've seen Bruce Pearl, Kelvin Sampson, Scott Drew, Kenny Payne, Will Wade, Nate Oats, Rick Pitino. Okay, maybe people are just saying Rick Pitino to say it, but why wouldn't you? Outside of all the sanctions and shit, he at least won there. All I know is this is a real important hire. You miss two times in a row you're setting a program back big time. 

At least he was smart enough to hire movers. Moving is the worst. 

I'm sure this won't be an important search. Not like we have politicians getting involved now. Oh wait. 

Louisville never disappoints in content man. Never.