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A Wild Coyote Came Up to my Window!

Just my usual day in the burbs, drinking my coffee, on the phone with my producer, and as I glance out the window a coyote is casually walking by. Here's the difference in me living in the city compared to being home at my farm. If I was home, it would take a minimum of 20 seconds and that coyote would be no longer living . But in the city, if I did that i'd probably be in jail. 

The thing about city coyotes is that they have absolutely no fear of humans. Heck, they've probably have never heard a coyote call ever in their lives. I can guarantee that there are zero rabbits and squirrels living in the back of my complex. If I was given one day in city limits to just have an absolute hay day on predator hunting I would probably call in 25 coyotes in one sit. 

So back to my encounter with this coyote. At first I thought someone was walking their extremely ugly dog. Nope, it took me about 2 seconds to figure out that it was indeed a coyote on the hunt for his daily meal, which will probably end up being the neighbors pet. I immediately hung up on my producer, sorry Sean, and ran outside. I made a little rabbit in distress sound with my lips, which I have to admit wasn't my best performance since I was in excitement mode, but that sucker immediately whipped his head around. 

Forget the drama that is going on at HQ, this is extremely more exciting.