TCU Can Thank Barstool For Kids Skipping Class To Have An Arena Full Of Horns Down Tonight Against Texas


Love it. Love the acting chops from Jamie Dixon here. Nailed it perfectly including not saying no to horns down. You're TCU, you give horns down. Not to mention TCU might be sneaky good. They are 13-3 with a shitty nonconference schedule, but they have wins over Oklahoma and Iowa State so far in the Big 12. They are top-50 in KenPom and 45th in the NET. Yeah, this game is huge. I've talked about it before but every single team in the Big 12 feels like they can make the NCAA Tournament, outside of Oklahoma State because the NCAA sucks. 

Before anyone freaks out, yeah, I know this video is staged. Duh. But shout out TCU for embracing it. Sure, the excuse sheet is overplayed and everyone does it. I've rarely seen a team truly embrace it like TCU here though. That's the Barstool difference I guess. They know the best way to get a rowdy student section is put out something like this and encourage people to skip class. Seriously, skip class. It's not worth sitting in an hour lecture that barely means anything later in life. Make memories. Go to games instead, especially against a rival. No one actually cares if you go to class on a Tuesday night 100% of the time. Just take a B and move on.*

*Unless you're in something that matters. I'm basically looking at things that impact life directly. Doctors mostly. I need you all to take one for the team and make sure you know shit. 

Also if you haven't watched Mike Miles yet do yourself a favor and watch TCU. Dude is not talked about enough. Helped US win a gold medal at the U-19s this past summer and is putting up 15/4/4 so far this year as a sophomore. I can't figure out this Texas team for the life of me. They should not be this bad offensively still this late in the season. So if TCU can catch them and get to 4-2 in the Big 12? Yep, go ahead and talk about them in the Tournament. Currently projected as an 11 seed, they'd likely jump up a seed line. 

Need an arena full of this now. 

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Nothing warms my heart seeing people do that knowing how pissed Texas gets about it.