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Antonio Brown So Badly Wants To Be A Baltimore Raven (And It's Never Going To Happen)

Heeeeere we go again. 

Two years ago when AB was on the free agent market (as he tends to be), he campaigned hard to join the recently crowned MVP Lamar Jackson in Baltimore. He works out in South Florida, as does Lamar and AB's cousin Marquise... so it was only natural for the 3 of them to work out together amid that whole COVID thing

Of course, this sparked all kinds of rumors that Baltimore was the destination for him. Those rumors continued for months well into training camp, where Coach Harbs did little to throw water on that fire

I can tell you this now. It was never happening then. John Harbaugh was simply appeasing his young star QB and saying the company line. Not that it was necessarily Harbaugh's decision to make, but he knew full well that it wasn't going to happen.

Well here we are, 2 years later and AB is on the market yet again, desperate for attention as ever. He says he's ready to play with Lamar.

And Lamar is more or less hinting at him being fully on board with the idea of playing with him.

And after AB posts the photo edit today, Marlon Humphrey is doing more of the same.

Well let me break some more news for you here. It's still not happening. AB is not coming to Baltimore. The front office wouldn't touch that with a 39 and a half foot pole. That was true 2 years ago and it's definitely true given how things finished in Tampa for him. 

That type of shit is the last thing the Ravens need right now. The Ravens have so many fences to mend internally after a disastrous season. They've got a star QB going into the last year of his rookie deal, a left tackle getting $20M a year who may or may not play again, a surprise vacancy at defensive coordinator, and plenty more on their hands. There are so many different ways this offseason can go for the Ravens and signing AB simply isn't one of them. The sooner everyone (and I mean everyone) can open their eyes to that, the more we can all focus on the important matters at hand. 

Go away, Antonio.