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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Is Going To Be Starring In A Video Game Movie Based On A Game He's Been Playing For Years (Fortnite??)

So nowThe Rock has been gaming for YEARS!? I don't believe this for a second unless....

Kenjac might be onto something here...but that movie would gross too much money. Avatar isn't ready to be dethroned just yet.

My gamer nerd gut is telling me it's one game and one game only. 

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It just makes too much sense to be any other video game. There were rumblings in the past of Fortnite making a movie. Considering the timing with the skin release last month plus The Rock saying he's been playing said game for years…just adds up.

I have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on in the Fortnite Universe, so I've got no clue what to expect from this movie. If I had to guess, The Rock is someone going to save the entire Fortnite Galaxy when all hope looks lost. Just a guess, we'll see.

Weirdly, I kinda have faith that this movie will be decent. Not great, but decent enough to crack a smile midway through.


I don't wanna give Dwayne Johnson too many movie ideas, but him as Kratos would be SICK. Maybe if this Fortnite movie goes well, we'll get Kratos Johnson.

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