Is Johnny Manziel The Only Thing That Can Save Hockey In Arizona?

Johnny Football became Johnny Hockey last night when he was sitting at center ice for the Rangers vs Kings game. When you get a chance to watch guys like Adam Fox, Artemi Panarin and Igor Shesterkin play, there's no other option but to become a huge hockey guy after that. Case in point. 

So after the game, Johnny caught puck fever and realized he needs more hockey in his life. In fact, he needs 41 games per season in his life. The only issue is...well...somebody is gonna have to tell him. 

Getting center ice seats to watch this year's Rangers team is like getting a chance to watch that Chiefs vs Bills game from the 50 yard line. Obviously it's going to be an insane experience. But season tickets to the 'Yotes? Well don't tell Biz I said this, but that would be like going from that Chiefs vs Bills game to getting season tickets for the Lions. 

Gotta be honest, I wouldn't be shocked if the Coyotes don't even offer season tickets. I can't imagine there's a single 'Yotes season ticket holder out there in the world. Maybe a few businesses have a company suite but that's it. But maybe this is exactly what they need. Well besides a new arena to play in next year because as it stands right now, the Arizona Coyotes will be homeless after the end of the 2021-22 season. But besides a new arena, Johnny Manziel starting a wave of season ticket orders flowing in to Arizona. All of a sudden the team has fans, a few years later they bring Auston Matthews home in free agency, they stop forfeiting draft picks for evaluating prospects too early, now the Coyotes are on their way to becoming a wagon. And it all starts with Johnny Manziel falling in love with the game at MSG. 

P.S. - Kodak Black still waiting to hear back about his season tickets with the Panthers.