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Some Idiot Challenged MMA Legend Don Frye To A Fight At UFC 270, Promptly Gets Punched Right In The Face


This is a tremendous clip right here, outta TMZ from UFC 270 this weekend. I don't condone violence/fighting in the crowd, obviously, but if you're a drunk asshole starting shit with DON FRYE of all people, you deserve to get decked. Just a quick jab and walk away move from Frye, too? Amazing. Frye's cowboy hat fit makes it even better.

If you don't know Don Frye, you might know this gif....

He's the guy in the American flag shorts, fighting against a fella named Yoshihiro Takayama. It's one of my favorite fights to reference while doing Rough N Rowdy commentary because it was just pure unadulterated violence and chaos. Here's the full fight….

THAT is the guy this doucheball fan fucked with, so yeah - I don't feel bad he got rocked. He probably needed that.

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