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The Giants Need To Hire Brian Daboll Today After This Video Emerged Of Him And Joe Schoen Talking About Gabriel Davis At The NFL Combine


I like to think I'm someone who doesn't overreact to one thing. Whether it's a game, a quote, whatever. I try to figure it out and see what happens. That said, the Giants need to hire Brian Daboll today. This video is all I need to see. Gabriel Davis loves Brian Daboll. Daboll understands how to conduct NFL interviews. Then you have the Joe Schoen and Daboll connection. Make it happen right this second. 

Oh and Gabriel Davis? That 4th round pick we're talking about here? Ho hum 201 yards and 4 touchdowns against the Chiefs. Guy who became the 2nd option for that Bills offense after Diggs and with Emmanuel Sanders banged up. This is what the Giants are missing. We've missed so much in the draft. When's the last time we had a 2nd or 3rd day later round pick work out? Feels like it's Ahmad Bradshaw. Darius Slayton if you want to count him? 

Mostly I want the Giants to hire Brian Daboll so I can quit stressing about Dan Quinn. I don't want anything to do with Dan Quinn. I've seen Dan Quinn as a head coach and yeah I'm good. I'll take a guy who is partly credited for Josh Allen turning into Josh Allen. A guy who Joe Schoen knows. Plus this guy just looks like a head coach. 

Diamond Images. Getty Images.

Need a guy that has a little gut and the bald head. He's a guy who won't punt on 4th and short from like the 40. Oh no. He's a man that will actually have some balls and creativity on offense. The Giants have a LONG way to go. Shit, we all can admit that. Mostly I just want to enjoy watching them. I want hope. I want simple, smart decisions. Hire Brian Daboll.