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Travis Kelce Improvised the Play That Got the Chiefs Into Field Goal Range at the End of Regulation

I'm so sick of the Chiefs, man. These assholes don't even run plays anymore. Travis Kelce just tells Patrick Mahomes he's going to get open somewhere and it's up to him to figure out where to deliver the ball — and it worked.

Kansas City has been to the last two Super Bowls, they're going again this year and I'm not sure when they're going to stop. The Bills will be more than worthy adversaries for as long as they have Josh Allen, but these guys are on another level. They just get up to the line, agree Kelce doesn't even have an assigned route and get into field goal range in 13 seconds to force overtime and eventually go to the AFC Championship Game.

After a season of watching the Atlanta Falcons, it is shocking and saddening to watch football like this — you know, with players who have talent. Must be nice.