"MICROSOFT'S NOT GONNA SAVE YOU!" Dr Disrespect Sounds Off After Dying In Warzone

Death. Taxes. Dr Disrespect Raging.



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Everybody knows Doc is top tier content and this clip shows why. To be completely transparent, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how he possibly lost that gunfight. He cracked the enemy's plates before he even got shot and the game just said, "Screw you, Doc. We want another raging clip." In no world should he have lost that gunfight, so I'd probably have a less funny similar reaction.

Is it possible to get someone more one shot?

Welcome to PainU, Doc.

If you didn't hear, the 2-time launched his own gaming studio and if they don't make the most complete, perfect FPS shooters out there, then I'll be very, very disappointed.

If you wanna talk more about the Doc, join the stream! We're live on Caldera right now!

If you're gaming in Caldera, you need to be running the STG44. It's the best AR in the game and it's not even close. Use my loadout below!