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Oh No, Such A Shame That Louisville Players And Coaches Quit On Each Other, Are Fighting And The Fanbase Is Losing Its Mind

I'm just here doing my job. It brings me no joy to say that Louisville has turned on each other, fans hate Chris Mack, they stink as a team and the program is in disarray. I'm also speaking only truth when I say that. You have Malik Williams talking about 'no comment' if they've tuned the coaches out. They follow that up by getting their ass kicked by Virginia. And this isn't even a good Virginia team. This is a Virginia team that is quite bad actually. 

Now, they are dreaming of bringing back Rick Pitino. Sure, Rick Pitino is awesome. But this is where the program is now. They thought Chris Mack would save them and all he did was run his mouth about Kentucky and lose a lot. 

Shame. Oh and if you want a true laugh. Just twitter search 'Chris Mack' during or after a Louisville game. People aren't happy! I do feel bad for Louisville fans. They want to be good. They want to remember the good days. Instead all they have to do is complain. They just have to try and fire off jokes because, well, they don't have anything else. They aren't good at the two major sports. They want both their football and basketball coaches out. They basically look like a mid-major out there. 

It's not even a joke when we call Louisville little brother. They just ... are. Everyone thought Chris Mack was the safe hire when he left Xavier for Louisville. It's been a disaster. They can't win. There are no adjustments. They keep relying on mid-major guards to come up and be difference makers. You can't do that in the ACC year after year. Even if the ACC sucks this year. The defense has gotten worse every single year Mack has been there. 

JV program. JV school.