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George McCaskey Personally Picked Up A GM Candidate At O'Hare Baggage Claim Last Night

WOW. What a move. That is Bears Chairman George McCaskey picking up Kansas City Chiefs Director Of Personnel, Ryan Poles. This would be a second interview by Poles. The airport pick up move by McCaskey is significant. You don't go into pick someone up from baggage unless you are REALLY trying to wow them. This is ORD. 99.9% of people you just circle around on 190. Driving in a circle and going over those rumble strips 100 times is still less annoying than parking and going in. The ONLY reason you go into baggage claim is pick up a long distance girlfriend who is mad at you're competing with the Vikings and you want to make Ryan Poles feel special. A very nice gesture by George. 

Now...if you believe that Ryan Poles is the guy to fix the Bears, do you want George picking him up? That is a 30 minute drive to Halas Hall if there is no traffic. George alone in a car with a candidate for that long might not be a good thing. I can't imagine what that small talk would be like. 

This is what Albert Breer said about the search the other day

The Bears’ Bill Polian/Tony Dungy–connected candidates—Jim Caldwell, Leslie Frazier and Colts DC Matt Eberflus—have emerged as top names in Chicago. Hiring Poles could mean changing course a bit. Poles is close with fellow former Boston College football letterman Brian Flores, and Flores has already interviewed with the Bears, and Poles has been in touch with a number of other candidates for the Vikings and Bears jobs (Caldwell is one, Quinn, Todd Bowles and Kevin O’Connell are others). So just like Quinn is the big domino on the coaching side, Poles could be the next domino on the general manager side.

I don't want the Colts contingent. I think I am in on this idea of Poles and Flores. A couple of Boston College guys running the Bears. A new era of Bears football