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The Guy Who Ran On The Field And Got Leveled By Diggs...Did It Because His Buddy Bet Him $1000 That He Wouldn't

Classic. Everyone should have a friend like this. A friend who is prone to making stupid decisions for the entertainment of others. Like...this guy knows full well what will happen. Predicts it. Spend the night in the drunk tank. That'll cost you a thousand right there. Then you, know, potential bodily harm done by NFL athletes and/or security personnel. He doesn't care. He will do anything for the shock, awe, the story, and laughs for years to come. I feel like everyone had kids like that in their group growing up. Then...you grow up and the adults willing to do stupid things for entertainment and a few dollars dwindles. They become so rare that you almost never see them in the wild. God...I wish I still knew someone like that...

In all seriousness though...what should happen to the "friend" who offered the $1000? Yes, he goaded his buddy into getting into trouble and I am usually in favor of that. HOWEVER...you can't do that during THAT game. That was one of the greatest football games ever played. Your team won in unbelievable fashion. Your buddy didn't even get to enjoy it because he's a moron and that kid took advantage of him. He robbed him of a drunken, fuzzy, but unforgettable memory. That is a shitty friend. You have to know the situation. This wasn't some throwaway game up in Rochester. I kind of think the friend should be banned from Arrowhead and not the guy who ran on the field. You can't have friends that don't appreciate the good times and the big moments.