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Eli Apple Decided To Call Out Giants And Saints Fans On Twitter Out Of The Goddamn Blue Last Night

Look at our old friend mortal enemy Eli Apple putting multiple fan bases on blast while the rest of the football world was still coming down from the high of watching maybe the greatest NFL game we've ever seen. Seems like weird timing all things considered. Then again, Eli never really has had a good sense of timing as evidenced by most of the highlights he is in.

It is hard goddamn work to have a 3:40 video showing all the times you got cooked when you have never been a team's number 1 DB

Getting worked on the field and being a nuisance off the field to the point teammates called you a cancer is a fair reason for Giants fans to hate Eli after their team wasted a Top 10 pick on him, which I guess caused Eli to hate Giants fans? Makes sense I guess since I don't like people that don't like me. I imagine Eli's stellar level of play continued in New Orleans, which caused Saints fans to loathe him, which only got worse after this tweet.

Calling out a city famous for its voodoo right before you play in the AFC Championship is quite the strategy and I shutter at the thought of what Mintzy would do if I showed him this tweet. 

However like I said, I can't really hate on Eli Apple for hating two fanbases that hated him for being utter trash. I bet Eli is beloved by Falcons, Bucs, Panthers, Cowboys, Washington, and Eagles fans considering he led to a bunch of awesome memories for them. Actually, you may want to scratch Philly since Jalen Hurts took a ricochet shot after Eli responded like this to an old tweet of Devonta Smith clowning him.

Luckily Twitter is a two way conversation where people can respond to your slander with some of their own and boy did Giants and Saints fans respond to the point I think Eli Apple hatred could unite this fractured country if he ever played for all 32 NFL teams.

I want to root for the Bengals because Joe Burrow is awesome, Evan McPherson is a cold-blooded kicking killer, and the fans who have stuck with that team despite their Wilpon-level ownership deserve happiness for once. But fuck is it hard to when they have the Ereck Flowers of defense on their squad. However, something tells me Bengals fans will be on Eli's list after he attempts to guard the Chiefs superfreak receivers while also doing Eli Apple stuff.

P.S. I will never forgive Schefty for tweeting this out like a cheeky boy on what should have been a joyous occasion for Giants fans.