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The Braves Reportedly Discussed a Matt Olson Trade Prior to the Lockout

Sign me up. Right now. Cristian Pache and William Contreras. Dansby Swanson and lesser prospect capital if Oakland demands a Major League guy. Don't care, just do it.

Yes, it would suck to see Freddie Freeman play in another uniform. But I've been of the belief since mid-season that he was going to go elsewhere in 2022. I've been emotionally preparing for that for many months.

It seems fairly evident at this point the Braves don't want to pay a penny more than what they feel is the right price and Freddie rightfully wants to get paid the maximum someone is willing to give him. He delivered a championship to Atlanta and if the Braves aren't putting a competitive offer on the table, he should go where he can cash in. Atlanta could want this story out there to gain some leverage in negotiations with Freeman, though.

But I don't think it would take very long at all for any Braves fan to get excited about Matt Olson after taking just a quick look at the numbers. He slashed .271/.371/.540 with 39 HR and 111 RBI in 2021. He's entering his age-28 season and will make $12 million in 2022 with another season of control in 2023. Putting this guy in the middle of a lineup with Ronald Acuña, Austin Riley, Ozzie Albies and Marcell Ozuna? I'm all in.

If the plan at first base in 2022 is either Freeman or Olson, you can't go wrong. This is as good of a back-up plan — or maybe it's the primary plan — as anyone could possibly devise.

And regardless of what happens, please remember the Braves are the defending World Series champions.