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A Cop Was Given $30K To Quit Her Job After Some Colleagues Found Her OnlyFans Account

(NY Post) A former Colorado police lieutenant has claimed she was forced to quit her gig after her colleagues discovered that she had a secret OnlyFans account.

“I was in shock and panicking because I never wanted these two parts of my life to collide,” Melissa Williams, 46, told Jam Press of her resignation, in which she reportedly received a $30,000 severance package to leave the force.

The ex-cop — reportedly a 28-year police veteran whose LinkedIn profile lists her as “retired” from the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office after more than 11 years there — had apparently started moonlighting on the porn platform in May 2020 as a means of spicing up her sex life with her husband and also decompressing from her difficult and dangerous job.

So let me get this straight...this woman Melissa Williams no longer has to put her life on the line everyday, got a $30,000 bag for it, and can just work full-time as an Only Fans creator making a handful of money at home? Jack pot city. I'm sure she loved her job and didn't want it to end this way, but this feels like a win to me. Sure she's not a top creator on the site and instead pulling in around $4,000 a month, but her quality of life just soared through the roof. Plus with all this publicity I'm sure that monthly number just went up. Good for her.

I'm personally confused at the part where she couldn't be a police officer by day and OnlyFans creator at night. I thought this was America. God forbid someone wants to spice up the bedroom with their husband and make some extra cash on the side. The horror! If it wasn't impacting her day job, then who cares? I'd also like to know how the colleagues stumbled upon her account in the first place. Not exactly something that is going to be a suggested ad on Instagram. You gotta want to find that OnlyFans account. Snitches. Go Melissa Go!

Can't post any of her pictures on her legally but if you want to take another look here's the link. Also the Post threw a few in the original link above.