Finding Out The Two Words That Caused Jake Marsh To Lose His Mind And Call Marty A Moron Was A Magical Experience

Last night the call to free agency was made and I was signed to a 1-day deal with Bench Mob. Hopped on with Marty and Jake to talk through everything in college hoops. Let me tell you something, I should have had different expectations. I assumed I'd get into it with Marty about Duke and rightfully so we did. What I did not expect was Jake Marsh calling Marty a moron right in front of me. I was stunned, shocked, taken aback. I was even more shocked about what did it. These two magical words.

Missouri State. 

That was the breaking point for our dear Jake. Not Vermont. Not Syracuse. Not a mid-major that made a run recently. Missouri State. A team that hasn't been in the NCAA Tournament since 1999. A team ranked 50th in KenPom and 60th in the NET. Jake Marsh shouldn't believe Marty and rightfully so. What Marty said was asinine. We were arguing about BYU and the WCC. Naturally, Marty thinks they stink. Jake and myself are on the side that BYU is you know, fine. A decent team. Ranked 25th in KenPom and the NET. We were listing teams that BYU have beaten this year and mentioned the win at Missouri State. Not bad! In fact it's a quad 1 win where BYU is currently 4-1. Not shabby for a team playing a bunch 'schmucks'. 


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Then again, we should have saw this coming. Listen to the first thing Marty says in this clip. 'I'm fucked this episode.' 

Boy were you right. I'm not even a guy who screams about mid-majors and needing more attention or things like that. If you're good, you get attention. If you're good, you win your conference tournament and get in the NCAA Tournament. I think it's a bit wrong to scream about mid-majors getting screwed when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. Are there times they are underseeded or might be the first team out? Sure. But it also happens to major teams. It's not exclusive to mid-majors. I love mid-major basketball though. I spent a year working at Vermont. I've followed mid-major hoops forever. I was in Philly when Albany almost beat UConn. Still one of the coolest atmospheres ever when the entire arena turned on UConn and just wanted to see a 16 seed win. 

But Jake losing his mind and calling Marty a moron? I did not see that coming. Not even during the Vermont/Duke section we talked about! Sure it may have been contentious during that, but Jake didn't even call Marty a moron when he was shitting on Vermont. Missouri State, meet your biggest fan. 


There was a ton we covered. Click here to listen.