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The Rams Are Begging Los Angeles Residents To Not Sell NFC Championship Tickets To 49ers Fans Because They Don't Actually Have Fans


You know what builds a truly great home field advantage? Having an actual home. At least when the Raiders move it's within an hour flight of their previous home, they don't even change timezones. The Rams? They've got 15, 20 years before they can play home playoff games without using a silent count. 

Some people are shitting on the Rams for requiring a Los Angeles billing address to even purchase tickets to begin with, which doesn't feel correct. I feel like most teams get to sell the majority of tickets to home games to their own fans first. That at least feels fair in my mind. What they have zero control over is the fact that thousands of LA natives are already 49ers fans since, yanno, they're the only team that can maintain its California roots. 

If I'm the Rams I'm not taking to social media, begging and pleading with people to not sell their tickets on the secondary market to out-of-towners. I'm taking a much more direct approach. I'm having Aaron Donald stand shirtless outside SoFi and any 49ers fan that can get around him can gain entrance. You may be thinking that's a waste of his talents given the stage of the playoffs we're in, but you tell me what sounds worse: the stadium being filled with so many 49ers fans that the Rams offense can't run any plays OR Donald sacks Jimmy G so many times that Kyle Shanahan is finally forced to play Trey Lance, giving the 49ers an immediate upgrade at QB. This is a classic win-win for the Rams in my estimation and some sage advice they'd be keen to heed.