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Robbie Gould's Game Winning Field Against The Packers Has Led To A Donation Boom To Gould's Charity From Chicago Fans

I think all of Chicago is still riding high from seeing the Packers go down in flames in playoffs...again. That clip of Jimmy G saying "you're a fucking legend, man. Fuck the Packers" warmed my heart. I could feel my heart growing like I was The Grinch. Robbie did well, and because of that...he's doing good. Robbie Gould is involved with a charity called "Cal's Angels" which supports families going through pediatric cancer. They do research. They grant wishes. They raise awareness. They are getting an influx of support from appreciative Bear fans across the internet

That is just a small sample of people stepping up and doing some good in the world just because they like a kicker and the result he got. Awesome story. We need more charity tied to things like this. Anyone who beats the Packers should get money donated to a cause of their choice. Let's set that up for all 17 weeks next year. Hopefully the Packers suck and we raise a bunch of money. If you'd like to donate to Cal's Angels you can click here