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There Is No Greater Feeling In The Fat Community Than An Open Seat Next To You On A Long Flight

DUDE! Any fat out there can sympathize with this take. There is no greater feeling out there for a fat than watching those plane doors close and there being no one next to you on said flight. A literal and figurative weight lifted off your shoulders as you know you don't have to sit skinny for however long said flight may be. Not to mention my scenario yesterday I was flying to fucking SAN DIEGO from NEW YORK! That's 6+ in the same seat. I was staring at the seat map on my flight for days on end just watching & watching & watching if someone occupied the seat next to me.

Once the day of the flight hit and we were still open the excitement came over me but in collusion with karma I couldn't get myself too excited. I had to hold at bay and keep praying that this dream would actually come into existence. Low and behold it somehow did. Victory was ensured and there was no one next to me for the 6+ hour journey to San Diego. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even think that was possible for cross country flights! But my god was it a beautiful feeling. I feel like I need to make a deal with the fat gods after that. Maybe surrender the shotgun seat for my next 5 car rides or something to that effect? I feel like 5 shotgun rides is well worth the cross country flight with no one next to me. We'll work shop it. Either way though...thank you to the fat gods. That was beautiful.