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Meanwhile In England: Cardiff Fans Decided To Rip Up Toilets And Tear Down The Roof Of Bristol City's Bathroom After Losing 3-2

[Sun] - CARDIFF fans caused extensive damage in the away end at Ashton Gate after trashing the toilets following the club's 3-2 defeat against Bristol City.

Footage has appeared on social media of supporters wrecking the facilities by tearing down roof panels in both the male and female toilets. Water was also visible on the floor, indicating that a minority of the travelling Cardiff faithful may have broken a pipe.

And the Bluebirds have condemned the actions of the fans, with the Welsh side offering to foot the bill.

Good lord fellas, take it easy. It's just a loss and you guys stink anyways. I get being frustrated since they are now in 20th place, but ripping out toilets and the ceiling? That's a tad aggressive. Although even I can admit singing London Bridge with a remix is funny. I just never understood wanting to rip shit out and destroy stuff after a loss. Be upset. Scream. Maybe chuck a phone or something around you - preferably a soft ball. But there's too much risk in destroying toilets. You wanna take the chance of getting literal human shit all over you? Not worth it. 

More importantly, if you filmed this you're an idiot. I get there's CCTV and you were going to get busted anyways, but filming it yourself? That's just asking to get caught. That's just asking to get punished. If you're going to do some hooligan shit, put the phones away and focus on the toilets. 

Speaking of losing, all this did is make me feel bad for Bills fans. They are the most tortured fanbase in America, maybe even in the world. Losing 4 straight Super Bowls. You had Scott Norwood, you had the Music City Miracle, you had last night. I don't see them smashing toilets, just tables. I don't know how they do it. I'd be questioning everything in life if I was a Bills fan over the age of like 35 or so. 

Long story short, don't smash toilets. The roof move is outrageous, but toilets are just dangerous. I speak for parents everywhere when I say dodging human shit is a must. Why put yourself in that place anyways?