If This Goal Is Any Indication, Upcoming First Overall Pick Shane Wright Is Ready To Ruin Goaltenders' Lives In The NHL

In just a few short months Shane Wright will be on his way to a place like Montreal, Arizona, Seattle, Philadelphia or Ottawa. Whichever dog shit team ends up winning the draft lottery will inevitably be making Wright's name the first one called of the night. But for now, he's playing for the Kingston Frontenacs in the OHL. Which is brutal news for Oshawa Generals goalie Patrick Leaver because that means he still has to deal with this shit. 

What's that poor bastard even supposed to do in this situation? I guess you could say he was a little out of position. But the puck ends up behind the net, he takes a peek over his shoulder and can see that Shane Wright has his head facing towards the glass, clearly there's nothing that could possibly go wrong. Until it all goes wrong, and it all goes Wright. Call it lucky, call it whatever you want. These are the types of goals that are reserved for only the sickest cats in the game because they're the only ones who view every single inch of the ice as a possible scoring location. 

If there's one thing that can make me feel better about the Flyers being the most abysmal organization in all of hockey, it's watching this goal on repeat for the next few months. That is, of course, until the NHL fucks the Flyers at the draft lottery again and they end up taking some bum who isn't on the roster in another 5 years. But a guy can still dream, right? Wright.