Stefon Diggs Didn't Do a Whole Lot In The Game, But He Sure As Hell Leveled This Fan That Ran On The Field

Put yourself in Stefon Diggs' cleats for a moment. You're coming out of the two minute warning down five to the Chiefs, facing 4th and 13. Your season hangs in the balance and you must convert here to have any realistic chance of winning the game. As the break is coming to an end here comes this drunk asshole from the stands sprinting onto the field. Not the fucking time dude. 

Honestly props to Diggs for not ending this man's life. Shoulda sent him to the fucking shadow realm, but instead opted for the clean shoulder to the ground. Admirable restraint if you ask me. Good on 73 for chucking the fan's shoe too. That thing was LAUNCHED. 

I'll say this, if you are stupid enough to run on the field you deserve everything coming to you. Choosing to do it in the playoffs right before the most important play of the game? The players should be allowed to band together and do the tackling version of the T-Rexes to Eddie in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. 

You want your 10 seconds of game from a fan's cell phone video? Think again prick, we're just going to jump you now. 

Also how about the fan doing all this right before Gabriel Davis touchdown and the 2 point convo that followed? Then the 13 second miracle drive by Mahomes to get into field goal range followed by the game winning drive in OT. Talk about the worst fan IQ in history. What a fucking idiot.

P.S. Maybe the Bills shoulda sent Diggs out there on defense for the final 13 seconds of regulation? Most certainly could not have made anything worse. Probably his best shot of making impact in the game to be honest aside from the 2 point catch.