That Game Should Be The One That Finally Gets The NFL To Change Their Asinine OT Rules


What we just watched was possibly the best football game of all time. That's probably recency bias, but I don't care. It actually might not be, because I am stunned by what we just saw Mahomes and Allen do. Fucking unreal. Back and forth heavyweight fight, blow after blow. That 4th quarter is unlike anything we've ever seen before. Fucking fantastic. Honestly, the entire game from the Bills opening drive was. 

But then OT happened. And we know the rules, if the team that wins the coin flip scores a TD, it's game over. It's never made sense in the slightest, it'd be like letting only one team bat in the 10th inning of a baseball game, why would you let it come down to a flip of a coin to determine who has a MASSIVE advantage? So the Chiefs scored in OT and Josh Allen who just played a nearly perfect game of football didn't even get the ball in OT. It sucks. How do you let a game end without letting Josh Allen get the ball, all because he called tails instead of heads? We've all hated the OT rule forever, and the best game we might ever see was decided by it. It's such a bummer. I know, I know "them's the breaks" or "don't let Mahomes get down the field in 13 seconds if you don't want to go to OT". Both can be considered "fair points". But we're talking bigger picture here- games go to OT all the time, so let's make it so at least PLAYOFF games don't end with a coin flip. Regular season games shouldn't either, but at least in the playoffs let both offenses touch the ball. You gotta. Enough is enough. 

Amazing game though, nonetheless. Jaw droppingly good. Bummed for all of Buffalo and Bills Mafia. Man. Feel like the entire world was pulling for them. Josh Allen is the king. But I guess not his time yet. He'll be back. Hang in there Buffalo.