With the Bengals Making The AFC Championship Game, Our Washington Football Team Now Has The Longest Streak Without A Championship Game Appearance (Tied With The Lions)


There I was, minding my own business yesterday afternoon when JP Finlay RT'd that onto my timeline. That's fucked up man. Sundays are bad enough as it is, and then I have THAT graphic slapping me across the face like a pair of saggy tittes at an old folks home? Brutal. It's us and it's the Lions. And I think the Lions have been to the playoffs twice since World War 1. We're worse than the Browns. The BROWNS!!!! They've gone away and returned since the Washington Football Team (my god, just 1 more week til I can finally say Commanders) last made the NFC Championship Game. That my friends, is depressing as all hell. Ridiculous. At least the Cowboys bring up the rear on that graphic. All you hear is Cowboys this, Cowboys that, Jerry World blah blah blah, well at least they suck too. And people should pay more attention to that. "America's Team" my ass.

30 seasons though. That's the Dan Snyder legacy. 3 team names, a million lawsuits, and running our once proud franchise into the dumpster. He might fall asleep soundly on his billions of dollars on his mega yacht, but his legacy is being a loser, no matter which way you cut it. He will always be remembered not as a rich guy, but as a huge loser who ruined what was once a flagship franchise of the league. I'm 33 and I barely remember those days. BARELY. But talk to people a generation before me, it was the Packers, Steelers, Cowboys, Redskins. Now we ain't even the Browns. Fuck Dan Snyder forever. Go Caps.