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The Finale: Derrick Henry's Legs Once Again Prove To Be Too Long For Short Yardage.

Derrick Henry is back and that means his legs are too long I may be beating this take into the ground, but Derrick Henry keeps getting stopped in short yardage. Yes, he did score in short-yardage but it was off tackle and the gap could get a 18 wheeler through it. 

This 2nd quarter 2 pt conversion stop by the Bengals was a perfect example of Derrick Henry's legs being too long and not being able to get enough momentum while having a lot of leg to grab in the backfield. 

See, if his legs were shorter he wouldn't have been able to get tripped up so easily. More leg, more room for error. 

This 4th and 1 is another example of Henry not picking up enough acceleration to have the momentum to deal with the free dlinemen. Then it's easy for them to wrap.

Don’t get me wrong Derrick Henry is an unreal generational talent. It's just he keeps getting stopped in short yardage. Get that guy in space. He doesn't have to diesel motor to shift into towing gear!