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HUGE For Nerds: Kourtney Kardashian Confirms She's Attracted To Gamers

Yeah I'll take "Things I Never Expected To See" For 600 - Kourtney Kardashian casually showing Valorant to her 161 MILLION followers on Instagram yesterday.

Recently, people have been asking me, "MRags, why are you so obsessed with Valorant lately?" I don't even need to answer this question anymore, it answered itself.

I have so many follow up questions to this story that I don't think will ever be answered. What the living hell is Valorant doing up there!? Is Travis Barker a closet gamer? Is this one of her kids playing? The rest of Kourtney's IG story is everything you'd expect it to be - Spa day, flowers, gym, food, whatever.

Giphy Images.

According to Google (which is always accurate), her oldest son is 11. SO in theory, he could be playing Valorant. But if he is, boy I would DREAD having him as a teammate. IYKYK. Young demons can sometimes aim better than any human but Valorant requires brain power which….

Hey Kourtney, if you are playing and need a duo with below average skill and comms, I'm your guy. See you on Breeze.

Anyways, Valorant is the future. You've been warned! I stream Valorant at nights on Twitch