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You Should Bet On Anyone With The Last Name 'Nurmagomedov' In MMA

Said Nurmagomedov just RAN THROUGH poor Cody Stamann in 45 seconds at UFC 270, squeezing the life out of him just moments after he came outta his corner like a bat outta hell...


RIP Meat Loaf

It's important to note that while I don't recommend ever betting against a 'Nurmagomedov' in mixed martial arts, this guy, Said Nurmagomedov, isn't actually related to Khabib at all. 

In my mind, though, it just proves my theory more - even without Coach Khabib these guys are savages! They got the Nurmagomedov name? They're neckbearded warriors that'll choke your head off. No doubt about it. 

This is now one of the fastest submissions in division history as well....

Phenomenal card thus far, with a few great fights to go!