Don’t You DARE Ask Doc Rivers If His Coaching Had Anything To Do With The His Team Blowing Yet Another Insurmountable Lead

Damit, Glenn. Dammit to all hell. First off, and I hate this needs to be brought to his attention: 


And that's not (too much of a) knock on Glenn. Nobody's Pop. That's exactly why Gregg Popovich is considered one of, if not THE greatest basketball coach in history. Pop has 5 championships throughout his 25+ year career. Glenn has 1 in 22+ seasons (had to have 3 HOF starters in their prime to get the one but a chip is a chip). Nevertheless, how, in the name of Zeus' BUTTHOLE, does this man think he's earned the right to not be asked a reasonable question considering Glenn's career of absolutely blowing shit up when he's got a big advantage? ESPECIALLY when as far back as 8 months ago his Sixers blew an 18-point lead in Game 4 vs the average Atlanta Hawks and a historic shitting of the bed in Game 5 - Which led to certified douchecanoes Tweeting out stuff like this: 

Thanks a lot for that again, Glenn. So are you shitting me with A) Thinking that's not a reasonable question after giving up a 24-point lead at home to an AVERAGE at best team without Paul George and Kawhi and 2) Being a complete dickbag answering it? Come on, man. And we're just talking about the Sixers recent history here. Lest not forget Glenn's entire career of failing while ahead which arguably, sadly, is what he's know for best at this point. 

2003: Magic vs. Pistons up 3-1

2009: Celtics vs Magic up 3-2

2010: Celtic vs Lakes up 3-2 in NBA Finals

2012: Celtics vs. Heat up 3-2 

2015: Clippers vs. Rockets up 3-1

2016: Clippers vs. Portland up 2-0

2020: Clippers vs. Nuggets up 3-1 

Again, add in the Sixers being up 18 in Game 4 and leading 26 in the 3rd quarter of Game 5 vs the Hawks in 2021 and you've got yourself some ASTONISHING shit to look at, Glenn. Figure it out. If/when you do, then you can be a complete dick about answering reasonable questions. Winning allows almost everything in this town. Joel Embiid could be caught filmed punting a puppies and infants off the Walt Whitman bridge and still would probably be beyond revered. Well, probably not, but displaying MVP efforts every night while eating Humble Pie like this after losses makes JoJo everything we want our athletes to be and more. 

I'm sure Rone, myself and the guys will have plenty to talk about on the next First Time, Long Time early this week. Join in. We'll hang up and listen. 

PS - Fuck you Glenn