Peeing On School Property? Nick Bosa Needs To Be Arrested For Indecent Exposure This Instant

The 49ers got a taste of the elements in Green Bay today as a fraudulent high school allowed them to practice on their field in preparation for tomorrow night. The same school that enrolls the children of Packers DC Joe Barry and DL coach Jerry Montgomery is helping out the enemy in broad daylight. I wonder if the board hates Rodgers or something and this is their way of getting back. Only possible explanation I can think of. There should honestly be a revolt by the parents after this shit. 

The story goes on from there. Look who we have here taking a leak on school property...

Ol' Nick Bosa may have not recovered from that head injury after all. Little case of the brain worms on this chilly Friday, huh Nick? Public indecency/indecent exposure is a serious crime my friend and you need to be arrested for the sake of the community and the children. I'm thinking a 36 hour detainment should do the trick while the courts sort out a proper punishment.  Rules are rules. Can't be whipping your dick out on school property with kids watching. That's how you end up on a list. A disgusting act if I say so myself. I'm frankly disappointed. 

P.S. Is anyone certain that Joey Bosa isn't hiding underneath those pads? How would the Niners ever get caught if Joey kept his helmet on the entire time? Wouldn't hate Bahk ripping his helmet off early just to be sure.