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What Belichick Told Josh Allen in the Bills Locker Room Further Cements His GOAT Status

There has perhaps never been a public figure who's ever been scrutinized the way Bill Belichick has. When it comes to his body language, his demeanor around other people, even his hand shakes are under a microscope like no other Head of State's ever has. Not even at Summit meetings with allies or adversaries. 

So it should come as no surprise that every rushed to judgement on this brush with Sean McDermott after perhaps the most one-sided, humiliating defeat in his career. It was just naturally assumed that he was being a petulant child. A sore loser who couldn't bear to look the coach who just kicked his mighty dick in the dirt for three hours and take his medicine like an adult. 

In short, every acted like he's just done this:

It should also come as no surprise that that narrative was utter bullshit. The truth is that what actually was happening was the total opposite. Instead of pouting or big-timing anyone, Belichick did what so few of his rivals have ever done with him. He took the unusual step of going into the home locker room in Orchard Park and speaking at length not only to McDermott, but to Josh Allen.

Boston Herald - Speaking Thursday on The Pat McAfee Show, Allen opened up about their conversation. 

“He came up to me, which is really cool. I’ve got a lot of respect for him and what he’s done over his career. And obviously he’s one of the, if not the, greatest coach of all time,” Allen said. “So for him to come up to me after a game and give me some kudos and dap me up, meant a lot to me just knowing the type of coach that he is, the type of players that he’s been around, coached, and obviously the success that he’s had throughout his career.

“It was a pretty cool moment for me.”

As for what was said, Allen indicated Belichick was highly complimentary of his play. …

“Just more respect like, ‘What you did out there was awesome. You played well tonight. We didn’t have an answer,’” Allen said. “Again, I shared respect right back, obviously, because I’m a big fan of his and I could go on and on about the accolades that he has. But again, for a coach to do that, that high caliber, was pretty special.”

All I ask is that we all file this away for the next time Belichick gets accused of being "classless" or "arrogant." When he blows off the group photo at the Coaches Meeting or is abrupt with a reporter asking a ridiculous question. He's the one of the most driven, hyper-competitive beings the human race has ever produced. He would rather take out  his own eyes with a carving fork than have to witness a degrading performance like Saturday night's. His best laid plans in ruins on the frozen turf. But he's also a purist who respects the game, the purity of the sport he's given his life to, and has an appreciation for the historic performance he'd just witnessed.

He's like a general who can have an admiration for a worthy adversary, while doing everything in his power to destroy that enemy and everything he holds dear. I just wish one time someone he defeats would have enough class to return the gesture. #KisstheRings