If Paraskiing Isn't In The Next Winter Olympics Then We Riot Because This Is The Most Badass Thing I've Ever Witness

What in the heckin' Point Break did we just witness here? I gotta be honest, I can't tell if that's CGI or not. And not because technology is getting so good that it's impossible to tell the difference between what is real and what is fake. But because I don't think this is supposed to be possible. You want to know how myths are created? How human civilization has concocted so many outrageous stories that surely never occurred in real life? It's because of shit like this. 

Imagine being someone who lived in one of those buildings, and you're not great about checking your email. So you never got the word that some maniac was going to be flying out of the sky on a pair of skis ready to shred the whole town. You'd be pretty startled to say the least, full blown flabbergasted to say the most.

I know we're a little late for the IOC to put paraskiing in the Olympics next month in Beijing. But Milan 2024? Gotta have it.