Promises Made-Promises Kept: Dave Portnoy Purchased Rough and Rowdy Fighter 'Trailer Park' New Teeth And They Look Fantastic

About a month ago at Rough and Rowdy, Trailer Park let it all hang out. Kate and I got to spend some time with Trailer Park in North Carolina. Let me tell ya, that dude is about as nice as they come. We went to go interview a dude named Trailer Park who lived in a Trailer Park. I'm from Jacksonville Florida so this was far from my first trailer park foray. 

After talking with him, we discovered that Trailer Park was so much more than just a dude looking for a fight and a quick buck while doing some boxing. He was a dad, soon-to-be engaged man, and a dude who was working his ass off as a mechanic. Every time he fought, Kate and I liked him more. 

Fast forward to December and he had a simple request after his fight. He wanted to get his teeth fixed. He had been made fun of his whole life about his teeth and felt embarrassed all the time. Dave stepped up instantly. 

Well, those feelings are a thing of the past. 

Congrats, Trailer Park. You deserve those mansion-worthy teeth.