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The Full Moon Make Dudes Wild

* I am going to use 100% anecdotal evidence and show zero real statistics and only use confirmation bias to affirm my claims. This is nowhere near scholarly work and I am shootin the shit with stuff. 

On Macrodosing Thursday a large conversation came up regarding astrology and whether it's true or not. I have no idea but I believe there is definitely something going on during full moons. But I have found some evidence that may indicate that I am right. I believe the Boys buzz harder when it's a full moon. 

Maybe it's just the old werewolf tales that make me think full moons are a legit catalyst for debauchery but I have some evidence that might back up the claims. These come straight from a reliable source... My DMs.

So coincidently I then got a message from someone who was not a veterinarian and worked in a human E.R

So I am going to start to conclude there is a correlation between the full moon and animals being wild. I read once it had something to do with hunting when the moon was full to see better. To further my claims, the word Lunacy is actually derived from the Roman goddess of the moon Luna! So if the Romans were on to it there must have been some sort of correlation. I found a tidbit of something that could apply. From Scientific American 

. According to Raison, the lunar lunacy effect may possess a small kernel of truth in that it may once have been genuine. Raison conjectures that before the advent of outdoor lighting in modern times, the bright light of the full moon deprived people who were living outside—including many who had severe mental disorders—of sleep. Because sleep deprivation often triggers erratic behavior in people with certain psychological conditions, such as bipolar disorder (formerly called manic depression), the full moon may have been linked to a heightened rate of bizarre behaviors in long-bygone eras. So the lunar lunacy effect is, in Raison and his colleagues’ terms, a “cultural fossil.”

In ancient times they thought that the liquid in the brain acted like the tides of the ocean, and the moon would effect its rise and cause mysterious mental side effects. Quite interesting to think about. 

All I am saying is last weekend was a full moon and Bills Mafia was out in force, 

I mean somethings gotta be going on, 

These Australians think that there are actually werewolves.

A study conducted in Australia found that in the year to July, 91 emergency patients with violent, acute disturbances comparable to werewolves were admitted to one hospital north of Sydney.

And a quarter of these occurred on the night of a full moon, double the number for other lunar phases, according to Leonie Calver, a clinical research nurse in toxicology.

'Some of these patients attacked the staff like animals, biting, spitting and scratching,' she said.

The patients had to be sedated and physically restrained to protect themselves.

Miss Calver's study, reported in the Medical Journal of Australia, said: 'One might compare them with the werewolves of the past, who are said to have also appeared during the full moon.'

Anyway, everyone be safe this weekend. Even though there isn't a full moon. There is still time to be a lunatic.