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Girl Boss Monkey Actually Overthrows Patriarchy

Smashing the patriarchy in the human world has been easier said than done. But last year, a 9-year-old female Japanese macaque in a reserve in southern Japan showed humans how it’s done by violently overthrowing the alpha male of her troop to become its first female leader in the reserve’s 70-year history.

The macaque, named Yakei, presides over a troop of 677 monkeys in Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden, which was established as a reserve for monkeys in 1952. There are two troops on the island reserve, and they spend most of their time roaming the forested mountain at its center. They also make daily visits to a park at the base of the mountain, where the staff provides food. Since the reserve opened, its staff has kept tabs on the romantic and political struggles of its simian residents.

Yakei’s ascent to alpha status surprised both scientists and reserve workers, who are now closely observing Yakei’s reign to see how long she can maintain her supremacy. And with breeding season sending Yakei into the middle of something like a messy love triangle, some experts wonder if she may be vulnerable to a usurper.

Lemme tell you about these Japanese Macaque monkeys. These motherfuckers are lazy as fuck.

Yeah, these guys just chill in natural hot springs all day and barely have any real predators or competition. They just literally live in a mountain spa all the time. 

Seriously their natural habitat is a mountain spa where they chill and eat fish and live with zero worries besides trying to get laid and sometimes a little fishing. 

These guys basically live on vacation. Too much relaxing, out of all the Macaque monkeys in the world, these ones have the least problems. 

Macaque monkeys elsewhere are absolute gangsters.

You may remember the Macaques in India that were murdering dogs as one of their own was killed by a dog.

Back to the story at hand. You have a bunch of spa-dwelling dude monkeys who have obviously gotten extremely soft over the years "maintaining" the patriarchy. Now when men are being lazy what's the number one occurrence? Women stepping up and whipping everyone into shape #feminism. This Woman monkey is named Yakei.

Japanese macaque society is based on a strict hierarchy. The higher an individual monkey’s rank, the greater its access to food, mates and resting locations. Females inherit the rank just below their mothers and rarely leave the troop they were born into. Males leave their natal troop upon reaching puberty and join a new troop, where their rank is usually determined by the amount of time they have spent in the troop. However, rank is sometimes gained through acts of violence, typically male on male.

Yakei confounded what primatologists expected among Japanese macaques. Last April, she beat up her own mother to claim the top spot among the females of her troop. While most females would be content there, Yakei continued to fight.

Yeah, she fought her way to the top then alpha'd all the males in the pack to solidify herself as top monkey and she didn't even need a penis to do it. How do we know shes the alpha? She gets all the nuts.

After Yakei’s altercation with Nanchu, reserve workers performed what is known as a “peanut test”: providing the monkeys with peanuts and seeing who eats first. Males and females stepped aside to let Yakei eat first, a confirmation of her alpha status.

Yankei is approaching mating season and apparently, all the soft-ass male monkeys can't handle a strong woman.

During previous breeding seasons, Yakei paired with Goro, a 15-year-old male ranked sixth within the troop. According to the reserve, Goro bit Yakei in the face in 2011, a move that caused her bottom to flush bright red — a sign she was ready and willing to take him as a mate. However, since Yakei has claimed the troop’s top spot, Goro seems to have lost interest in her.

Yankei is focused on leadership she don't need no man to cramp her style. 

 Whether Yakei’s behavior is the result of a fall from power or simply a sign she doesn’t wish to mate with Luffy is not yet clear. Mr. Kimoto said he still believed that Yakei held the top spot and that “she won’t fall from the top only from mating.”

Yankei just out here trampling the patriarchy and ruling this group of lazy as spa monkeys.