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WILD Video Of A Guy Fighting Off A Bear In Order To Save His Dogs' Lives

I've lost count how many times we've blogged videos of dogs saving their owner's skin here on Barstool, so I had to put up a video of humans returning the favor since the whole Man's Best Friend thing is a two way street. Nitpickers will try to say that black bears aren't the most aggressive of bears, this black bear wasn't even an adult and that this guy would almost definitely be bear poop right now if it was a full grown monster. Those are all very true statements. 

However, you gotta give this guy points for springing into action and protecting his pooches. He might have had no idea a motherfucking BEAR was about to show up on the other side of the that fence. But I'd like to think we'd all jump into battle heroically like this guy did for our furry friends even though I guarantee some people (cough cough Large) would pussy out and pull a Costanza at the first sight of danger.

Giphy Images.

Despite that, the one I thing I can guarantee we'd all do once the bear left is start screaming "OH MY GOD, I GOT ATTACKED BY A BEAR…I GOT ATTACKED BY A FUCKING BEAR". That's just one of those moments where human instincts takes over and we all do the same thing. Now this guy has dogs that know he will risk life and limb for them as well as being able to tell people he survived a bear attack. All in all, that's a hell of a W for 10 seconds of terror and a couple of wounds that a Band-Aid can treat.

Obligatory scene from The Great Outdoors when John Candy gets chased by the humongous bear:

While we are here, I'm throwing in the bat scene from the same movie because I think it was at one point the hardest I ever laughed while watching a movie:

I miss John Candy so goddamn much