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Mac Jones, Hunter Henry & David Andrews Crushing Beers at the Bruins Game is the Symbol of Hope We All Need


Sometimes, during moments of great duress, all people need is a sign. Some symbol in the darkness to bolster their spirits and give them hope of a brighter future. In 1066, the Normans were about to lose the Battle of Hastings when a rumor spread through the ranks that William of Normandy was dead. Until he rode in front of his men showing them he was very much alive, and went from being William the Invasion Runner Up to William the Conqueror in a matter of minutes. In "The Ten Commandments," as the Israelites are crossing the Red Sea, Joshua asks Moses to go stand on a high rock so that "people will see you and have hope," just before God puts the Pharaoh's army into the dunk tank. When Minas Tirith was about to be overrun by Mordor, all it took was the sight of Gandalf riding out with an iPhone flashlight on the end of a selfie stick to make them believe they could save their kingdom. And the Batsignal was always more than just a way to page the Dark Knight. It put the people of Gotham on notice they had a watchful protector. A silent guardian. 

Over the last six days, the people of New England have needed a symbol of their own.  A sign unto them that there is hope for better days ahead. And the universe has delivered. 

It's incredible how much positivity you can fit into two short Jumbotron cutaways. For starters, a 23 year old rookie hanging out with his older teammates in the offseason, the guy who hands him the ball and his favorite red zone target. The three of them - two of whom just arrived last spring -  assimilating into the culture of the city. David Andrews fricking amazing Sam Elliot-like Fu Manchu. Hunter Henry doing the Matthew McConaughy thing:

Giphy Images.

Andrews wearing a custom Bruins Mac Jones 10 sweater. Then powering down his beer and spiking it. To the Beastie Boys, no less. Every bit of this, just perfection. 

For the Bruins, this is how you rebound from losing 7-1 two nights earlier. I'm not saying Henry's chest-thump or Andrews' chug directly resulted in Charlie McAvoy's game-winner. No, actually, that's exactly what I'm saying. But in the bigger picture, this is a sign of things to come for the Patriots. These guys are here to stay. Their offseason is going to be spent being together, working together, and getting better together. It's been less than a week, and the assault on next season, and a deeper playoff run, has already begun. Hope is a good thing.