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At What Point Does The DoPS Step In And Suspend Brad Marchand For Stealing This Fan's Phone?

The cool thing about hockey is that you're allowed to do a whole bunch of shit that would otherwise land you in a jail cell had you not committed the act on a sheet of ice during a game. You're allowed to physically assault another human being with your stick and worst case scenario is you sit in a penalty box for 2 minutes. It's pretty sweet how the laws of the real world don't apply when you're on the ice. 

But at some point a line has to be drawn. At some point you can't just get away with shit because it's done within the confines of a hockey game. Robbery? Theft? Grand larceny? Seems to me like something that should get handled by a judge in a court of law, not some random dude wearing a black and white striped shirt. Or at the very least you should get the Department of Player Safety involved. 

Sure, it all looks like fun and games. But lest you forget that Brad Marchand is a repeat offender. He's been suspended 7 times in his career, the most recent coming earlier this year after his slewfoot against Oliver Ekman-Larsson. He has been fined on 5 occasions. All together this man has lost nearly a million dollars due to his inability to abide by the rules. A lighthearted moment giving a fan an experience they won't soon forget? Maybe. A repeat offender constantly pushing the boundaries on what is and what's not considered legal? Abso-goddamn-lutely. 

Sidenote: I keep seeing Boston mentioned in rumors for potential Claude Giroux landing spots. That is going to emotionally ruin me when he's taking a lap with Lord Stanley's Cup over his head and a giant B over his chest.