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Michael Giacchino's Official Theme For "The Batman" Has Been Released And It Makes Me Happy

Batman is one of those characters who's never had a bad cinematic score. The original Danny Elfman theme from the 1989 film is iconic. Hans Zimmer's score from "The Dark Knight trilogy" was mind-blowing as well. Here you have Michael Giacchino, who's been composing seemingly every big movie lately, and he has outdone himself here. We heard bits and pieces of the score for the last year and a half or so, but we hadn't listened to the whole thing come together. Last night, Matt Reeves released the entire track on his social media page. It is incredible. Everything about this works. It's what a Batman theme should be. It's dark, brooding, Gothic, terrifying, and yet hopefully optimistic at the same time. There are certain moments when you're listening to it where you swear that if you turn around, Batman's going to be right behind you about the pummel your ass. This is Michael Giacchino at the top of his game. I've never seen him be better. 

Look y'all, MLB is in a lockout right now, so you're going to be getting a lot of Chris Castellani Batman content for the next month and a half. I'm putting all my eggs in the Matt Reeves basket, praying to God that this movie delivers. If it doesn't, I'll be the first one to let you know that it's not as good as I expected it to be. But man alive, on a technical level, everything about this screams "iconic." While I can't speak on the quality of the film itself, there are many technical elements that I can almost guarantee are going to be top-notch, and the music is no exception. 

Because of how much this movie has gotten delayed (thanks a lot Covid, you can go fuck yourself), this is the first movie in a long time where I would pay significant money to be one of the first to see it. Sadly I know for a fact that Lansing, Michigan, doesn't offer many early screenings, but goddamn, I'm so ready. Feed me the Batman.