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Memphis Played Tonight Which Means Memphis Lost (Again) And Penny Lost His Shit Blaming The Media For Disrespecting Him

This may sum up the Penny era at Memphis perfectly. There was a ton of hype coming into the year. How could there not be? Penny landed Emoni Bates and Jalen Duren. He brought back DeAndre Williams, Landers Nolley, Alex Lomax and Lester Quinones. They were a trendy pick to make a Final Four. But we all forgot one thing. The media would disrespect Penny and therefore they would suck. Duh, how could we miss that? 

Hey, it's fair. Memphis is missing dudes. DeAndre Williams is 25 and has been out. Landers Nolley is 22 and has been out. But, uhh, someone may want to tell Penny that you know, he organized the roster. He loaded up on freshmen and tried to win now. He decided not having a true point guard would be the way the roster was built. He could have done different things in the transfer portal or recruiting. But he tried to make Emoni Bates, point guard, work. Hint: it isn't. 

Fucking media man. Those guys shouldn't have done that. How dare they question what Penny is doing. The same Penny who demanded all the smoke. 

Apparently he meant that he wants to never make an NCAA Tournament, land top recruits, underachieve and then yell about it. That's the smoke. 

Oh and speaking of freakouts, let's plug my guys in Chicago.