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Matt Reeves "The Batman" Is Set To Be Nearly 3 Hours, The Longest Runtime Of Any Batman Film Ever

I'm not usually a fan of long movies. I don't think that any films should be over two hours. Now, there are noticeable exceptions. Some of my favorite film's of all-time (The Dark Knight, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Shawshank Redemption) are all well over two hours. In general, I think film as an art form is best when the sample size is limited, and by limited, I mean two hours or less. That's how I feel about most movies. "The Batman" is not most movies. I can't remember the last time that I was this excited for a film. I'm just vibing with it. Everything I've seen looks so freaking cool, and while I have a few trepidations about the length, I view the near three-hour runtime as a major positive. This speaks to my tastes, but I would much rather spend two hours and 55 minutes watching a Batman movie than watching a film about, I don't know anything else. But the length of this movie reflects how much faith Warner Brothers seems to have in Matt Reeves' vision. Knowing what I know about how studio films work, if Warner Bros. wanted this movie to be two hours, it would be two hours. We're talking about the same studio that fired Zack Snyder from "Justice League" and brought in a new Director to essentially make a whole new movie. If they weren't confident with this, they wouldn't have allowed it to be three hours. 

I'll sit in the theater for five hours if I have to. It's Batman for the love of God. I said last week on Lights, Camera, Barstool that I've officially reached a point where I'm scared about how excited I am for this movie. I feel like I'm only setting myself up for disappointment, but everything about this just looks so awesome. I can't wait for March 4. I'll be there for all three hours, probably more than once.