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Texas Tech Fans Found the Code to Buy University of Texas Tickets and Crashed UT's Website Selling Out Their Game in Austin

I love going to away games as a sports fan. Unless it's a truly massive game, I think I enjoy it more than going to home games. There's no better feeling than watching your team kick a rival's ass in their own building. And if you're a Texas fan going to the Texas Tech game in Austin on February 19, you really better hope the Longhorns pull that one out, because the Red Raiders fans are coming for blood.

Texas Tech fans found the code meant to limit tickets to UT supporters and flooded Texas' website snatching up seats to the point it eventually crashed. There's now almost nothing left.

I respect the hell out of Texas Tech fans. Their coach left for their most hated rival who was supposed to have a top five team this season and the Red Raiders are still better. They lose their minds with the mere announcement of every Texas loss. And now they're going to roll into Austin, take over the Longhorns' arena and turn their biggest road game of the year into a home game. You love to see it.

Chris Beard left a school where he'd already proven he could get to a Final Four — and should have won a national title — for one with a scintilla of the fan support in basketball and one which would assuredly take him from a local hero to Public Enemy No. 1. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.