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The Case For Jamie Lynn Spears (Continued) After Part 2 Of The Call Her Daddy Interview

If you haven't watched Part 1 of the interview, or read my recap of it, do that before you get into this. If we've learned anything about this situation, it's that having all of the information available before passing judgement is imperative.

Another note - the first interview was conducted over a week and a half ago, before the back and forth social media battling that happened between these two sisters over the last weekend/this week. The first half of Part 2 is a continuation of this. The second half of Part 2 was a follow up, recorded on January 18th around 5pm, on a zoom call between Alex and Jamie Lynn. 

Also, sorry this did not come out yesterday, I wrote the whole blog and then my brain stopped working and I deleted the whole thing accidentally, I've finally talked myself off the ledge and rewritten it.

Initial reaction - wow. So much has happened. After Part 1 of the interview came out, a Cease and Desist letter was sent from Britney Spears' lawyer, to Jamie Lynn, and then the following response from JLS's lawyer:

After seeing the cease and desist, many of us thought that the Part 2 we were going to get would look nothing like the original. We expected it to be either heavily edited, or not released at all, and while the episode didn't come out on time, we were positive this was the case. Thankfully, the delay was caused by an uploading issue, and the reason for the late upload is because of the fact the podcast DID need to be edited…with brand new footage of Jamie Lynn from January 18th. 

Part 2 begins as Part 1 did, with the original interview footage and the remainder of Jamie Lynn's story. Arguably the most crucial part of the interview, where Jamie Lynn produces the court documents that absolve her from the accusations of being involved in the conservatorship:


Jamie Lynn explains that at one point, she was asked to oversee a trust for Britney's boys, in the event something happened to her. She didn't feel right about it, so she did not take the minimum steps to secure this trust or sign anything that was affiliated with the conservatorship. JLS goes on to explain that she has never posted this anywhere before, noting that out of context it doesn't make a lot of sense and requires explanation. 

Jamie Lynn then goes on to explain how her relationship with her sister really started to suffer under the weight of this conservatorship being brought into question. After being filled in, JLS did not agree with it after Britney told her she was unhappy during a trip they had taken together to Hawaii with their children. At this point, JLS started speaking with people she had worked with in the past, to try and get some clarity for Britney, giving her as much guidance as she thought she could. She had been told Britney could move out of state for 6 months, and offered to have Britney come stay with her in Louisiana. She described how Britney often had her phone, and they would occasionally correspond, but there were times where Jamie Lynn was blocked and unable to speak to her sister. At one point, Britney was posting about her family being guilty of mistreating her, including Jamie Lynn in the accusations. After this, Jamie Lynn reached out to Britney, where Britney assured her the posts were not about her, that she knew Jamie Lynn had nothing to do with it, and that Britney was just lashing out. Jamie Lynn says, "We were talking about the kids and I thought things were cool, then the next day I get all of these hateful comments. It was a lot of ups and downs." She also describes the relationship as beginning to become unhealthy. "I needed to set some boundaries. I have to speak for myself at some point. This is a person who I love who is messing with my heart a little bit, and my life. I can't engage in something that has become so unhealthy for me. I asked her to please stop posting." She goes on to say she also brought up the fact of her kids being involved in online threats, to which Britney responded that she "hadn't mentioned the kids at all" in her posts. Another text from Britney read, "I know it's not your fault and I'm sorry for being so angry at you, I know I am your big sister but I need you more than you need me right now." 

We now move to the more immediate present, where Jamie Lynn is on a zoom call with Alex, discussing some of the more recent upsets of the weekend. The most major accusation against Jamie Lynn outside of being involved in the conservatorship, was the fact that people do not feel she did enough to help Britney. Jamie Lynn then produces text messages sent in November of 2020 to her sister, and also to her sister's boyfriend (now fiance.) For context, Sam Ingram is Britney's lawyer:


The fact Jamie Lynn shared these texts makes me think this is genuine. This has all gotten so personal. Clearly Jamie Lynn is showing her distrust in Britney's lawyer's motives. "All I could do was give her the information I had," she goes on to say. She explains that she does not know what else to do, but lay out the facts she has. She was afraid to talk about this from a legal standpoint, but feels she "doesn't have any options left." She ends the interview with this:

"When everything goes away and the headlines are gone, she is still my sister. People need to stop egging it on and encouraging it. I'm being called an abuser, a human trafficker…you should be encouraging healing and for something to be fixed. People are in pain, it's unhealthy for everyone, but we are egging it on because we like the shit show. It's not funny, this is my life, these are people that I love, and look what has happened to my family when all of these people have inserted themselves. Anyone encouraging this behavior is just as guilty. I want to do things privately. If I don't speak up, it'll just go on forever. If you want to believe me, great, if not, whatever. I don't want to keep doing this."

Damn. Right? That feels appropriate. This entire situation has become so hard to see, but as we know (and as Jamie Lynn knows) we are gluttons for gossip and mess. I no longer feel as if this family rift is any of our business (not that it EVER was), and I truly hope these two can come together. JLS also gets emotional at one point explaining that after Jamie Lynn had realized their mother and Britney's lawyer might be focusing too much on Lynne's legal issues, and not on Britney, JLS and her mother stopped speaking. I think this is important, because it sounds as if after years of issues with her mother, Jamie Lynn had gotten to a place where she felt the relationship was stable. Ripping up that comfort she so clearly craved for her entire life in favor of her sister's well-being, to me, seems like a sacrifice that speaks volumes. It's never been about Jamie Lynn, and it still isn't. Both of these women had problems to deal with that none of us will ever understand, and they have both been affected in ways they don't even understand fully themselves. I also want to point out that no one is saying anything about Britney's older brother Bryan, who could have also been potentially helpful to her, but has not received any of the kind of negativity the young Jamie Lynn has received. This entire family has been stripped down to its bones, completely exposed and raw for the world to see. I hope at the end of the day we can all find compassion for the situation, and respect the fact that this IS a family, and they do need to heal on their own. I, and I hope many of you, wish for the healing and growth they all deserve.