People Are Stealing Money Right Out Of Coach Cal's Pockets And They Better Stop Or There Will Be Hell To Pay

That's it. This is your warning. Stop having all these different white-outs, red-outs, green-outs, whatever. Coach Cal is sick of it. In fact, because he's arguably a genius, he's going to invest in a T-shirt company. May I suggest Barstool T-shirts? Last night was just another night for Kentucky basketball under Calipari. Go to Texas A&M, have everyone talk about how the environment in College Station was unreal and something they haven't seen before. 


Another white-out game, despite A&M not wearing white jerseys. Call me crazy but if you do a white-out, you should probably wear white jerseys not grey. Just an idea.

Justin Rex. Shutterstock Images.


But this is also to talk about Kentucky, who somehow is flying under the radar. You see, people love to rag on Calipari for not developing teams and players. This team has gotten lightyears better since the first game against Duke - most notably TyTy Washington. He's completely changed his style of play, instead of double post he's going with 3 guards nearly at all times. He's encouraging Grady, Mintz and Washington to shoot. He's not relying on freshmen - in fact Bryce Hopkins and Damion Collins are playing just a few minutes. Everything that people railed on him for, he's changed. They are 3rd on KenPom, 4th on offense, top-20 on defense. That's not too bad. 

And then there was last night. A PERFECT let down spot in college basketball. First game after a near perfect game against Tennessee. Not to mention on the road against a team who is surprisingly undefeated in conference play. It was fucking ugly early too. TyTy getting two fouls, Kellan Grady missing every open shot in the world, Sahvir Wheeler making 1st game mistakes, Keion playing soft. But, somehow, someway, Kentucky won. It's the sort of ugly game teams win if they want to win their conference. We see Kansas do it year after year in the Big 12. This team needed that sort of win. 

Now we're getting a cocky John Calipari and that's when he's at his best. Say what you want, this year is disproving every negative thought about what he can do as a coach. Oh and start paying him for t-shirts. 

PS: After I wrote this, I see this news: 

Yeah, I don't know man. There are a million different reports out there. I want to see him play for Kentucky, duh. Just not the news I needed to see today.