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Kurtis MacDermid And Nicolas Deslauriers Part V: The Two Heavyweights Continue To Put On The Best Tilts In The NHL

You could set your clock to this in the 90s and early 2000s. Each team had a heavyweight on the roster and it was only a matter of time before your guy dropped the gloves with the other guy. Just looking back on some of Tie Domi's fight cards right now, he fought Rob Ray 13 times, Bob Probert 9 times, Donald Brashear and Sandy McCarthy 7 times, Ken Baumgartner and Craig Berube 6 times, and Gino Odjick 5 times. 

Nowadays is tougher for enforcers to stay in the lineup. You can't just fight whenever you want. You have to pick and choose your spots. It's no longer the Wild West, so you don't see as many ice cowboys flying around the ice looking to get into it with each other. But Kurtis MacDermid and Nicolas Deslauriers? Well these are a couple of big fellas who were born about 10-15 years too late, and they're making up for lost time. 

This was the 5th time we had a MacDermid vs Deslauriers fight. The two big boys came together around 10 seconds into that clip, had a decent go at it for 50 seconds and then UNLOADED for the final 10. A minute long tilt between two of the best in the business. Can't ask for much more than that. These dudes were throwing heavy. You know they had to be gassed halfway through that fight but they kept going because they're just wired that way. Personally my favorite moment was after MacDermid got his bucket knocked off. You see the linesman come over and check to see if he wanted the fight to stop, MacDermid said to let the boys keep going, and the linesman happily obliged. 

Love to see the linesman actually talking to the boys there instead of immediately rushing in to stop the fight like they typically would. It's their job to keep these guys safe but he also knows they want to give the people a show.  And what a show that last 10 seconds turned out to be. 

I'd probably score that one as a draw. Deslauriers had the fight early but that last push brought MacDermid back to even. Guess that just means the fellas will have to do it again sometime soon to settle the score. 

MacDermid vs Deslauriers Pt. 1

MacDermid vs Deslauriers Pt. 2

MacDermid vs Deslauriers Pt. 3. Puck Drop, Gloves Drop. 

MacDermid vs Deslauriers Pt. 4 from earlier this season. 

I love these guys.